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SEO – what should you expect from your service provider?

These days many Online Marketing companies promise a transparent service, monthly updates, proof of rankings etc, but once you’ve been set up and entered into the system these promises can become a distant memory. Unfortunately we’ve seen too many clients unhappy with their Marketing due to not knowing what’s actually going on!

So what should your SEO service provider be giving you?

  • Honesty – if your SEO provider is telling you that SEO alone is sufficient marketing and is guaranteed to work, they’ve already lied to you!
  • Informative – from the moment you sit down for your first meeting with the SEO provider, you should have no “grey areas” regarding what you’re getting
  • Regular communication – you should absolutely be receiving more than just an invoice every so often! Gaining rankings is a goal, not a guarantee, so your SEO provider should be in regular contact with you in order to achieve this and communicate progress
  • Regular analytics reports and recommendations for both on and off page optimization
  • Monthly reports – these will show you exactly what was achieved the month before and how this was done
  • Good content – when marketing a business, professional and well-written content is a MUST!

These are fairly general expectations you should have when embarking on your SEO journey, but how do you know you’re actually going to get this, that it’s not just more empty promises? Do your homework! What are their clients saying about them? Can they, and do they, show proof of their results? Are they readily available to their clients to ensure constant progression? Just because a company is big and has a top spot on Google, doesn’t make them right for you.

Feeling a little nervous about hiring an SEO provider, or not happy about the service you’re receiving? Call us today and speak to a marketing professional who will give you the appropriate and necessary advice to a) put your mind at ease, and/or b) put you on the right path to successful SEO marketing. Onsite Online specialize in transparent services so we’re definitely able to tell you if your current SEO provider isn’t delivering!

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