SEO – A Product or a Service?

SEO – A Product or a Service?

One of the lead generation services we offer at Onsite Online Marketing is SEO. The point with SEO is that we endeavour to list your website on the first page of Google, when people who do NOT know you, are looking for your products and services. This is done with a combination of content management and other authority building initiatives. Note: SEO listings are not paid Google AdWords listings, rather the organic listings in Google’s main search area. The benefit to your business of a strong SEO campaign is that if you have strong organic Google listings, you can achieve high levels of targeted visitors to your website without paying Google for that traffic.

Packaged SEO Agency Products

If you sign up for an SEO package at an agency, you will basically be paying for an “out of the box” generic product. The way these work is you will get to choose a fixed number of keywords and the agency will monitor only those keywords. Their generic process may get you rankings for those keywords over time. If so, even if you are in position 1 on Google, they will continue doing the same thing, monitoring the same keywords, with no variation into perpetuity.

So for example, if you purchase a 10 keyword SEO package, the agency will blindly report only those 10 keywords month in – month out forever. If all 10 keywords reach #1 position in Google, they will tell you their job now is to keep them there. So they will continue just reporting on those keywords, giving you nothing else. If something changes (or they make a mistake) and those rankings shift downwards, they’ll advise you its their job to get the rankings back – just for those 10 keywords though.

Its like nothing else exists for your business except the Google rankings of those 10 keywords.

SEO Services from a Digital Marketing Consultant

At Onsite Online, we are consultants. What this means is that everything we do for you, in every month, adds value to your business. If you do SEO with us, this point is exactly the same. When we achieve our first set of targets, then in the following month we raise the bar and shift to the next set of targets. This way, success builds on success and over time the result to your business for all our work is strength upon strength.

How does this work with our SEO services? There are two directions we take with our clients. Most clients tend towards the first options as they know how expensive website traffic is and therefore the value of Google rankings. The two directions follow though:

  1. We expand the keywords we target. We actually have clients who started with 10 keywords and now have over 50 page 1 Google rankings that we are tracking. These businesses are paying exactly the same they were when they started with us. I’d love to see any agency that has a client on a 10 keyword package, that reports 50 page 1 Google positions every month
  2. The other option is we get technical in data and structure and enhance the way our consulting clients are using their SEO website visitors. This means we go into their website statistics and maximise the enquiries, leads, or sales that the website converts from the traffic it receives. This conversion optimisation following the SEO proves to be a powerful combination for our clients.

The point with this is that SEO is part of a marketing strategy and not a self serving objective. Business owners paying for SEO should ensure the business delivering it does it responsibly, with respect to and integrated with the wider marketing strategy.

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