Marketing Risk

Risks with Using SEO as Your Sole Marketing Strategy

Most business and website owners who have a sound understanding of SEO will know that using it as your only marketing strategy is just plain risky. As search engines are not paid for search traffic, they can (and do) change their algorithms, without warning or explanation. These changes impact on website placements in search results and can sometimes result in a heavy loss of online traffic, damaging your business’s ability to generate leads. A change in the search engines algorithms means there’s no guarantee of continued referral – and you won’t even know it’s happened!

According to Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO), throughout 2010 Google made over 500 algorithm changes – that’s nearly 1.5 per day! These changes would have left businesses that rely heavily on search engine traffic in the lurch and suffering from the sudden decline in visitors.

Choosing to use SEO as your only technique is the same as if you were a store relying solely on foot traffic. In the instance the road or mall is closed due to road works or renovation, the business has no way of letting people know it even exists! It may not happen for a number of years, but when it does happen it can be financially devastating. Many small businesses do rely solely on SEO, and have felt this devastating effect.

All businesses should have broad marketing strategies, generating leads from many sources. At Onsite Online, we are SEO experts yet still consistently generate leads from 10 different sources. Don’t risk your businesses growth by only having 1 lead generation strategy and speak to one of our Marketing Consultants today. Bullet proof your business against uncontrollable events such as Google algorithm changes.

Having a marketing professional on your team will reduce your marketing risk, because we truly understand how it all works and how to best reach your audience through online marketing. We know that SEO is an important part of a marketing strategy and will build your online presence from there. By using SEO as a foundation, your business will know real success over time by reaching prospects by many and varied sources.

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