Professional Copywriting Only On Your Website

You may be wondering what the big fuss about “professional copywriting” is all about. Let’s compare copywriting with web design; you wouldn’t want a “tacky” website design would you? How your website looks is crucial to its success; the same goes for the content you provide. In my opinion, content is just as (if not more) important than your website’s design.

Let’s say you have an exceptionally attractive website that grabs people’s attention the instant it opens. Now, just imagine how confusing and off-putting it would be for prospects to find content that’s hard to understand and has spelling and grammatical errors throughout it. It doesn’t exactly scream “we’re a professional company” does it? How content is delivered will determine how many prospects convert. Poorly written content isn’t going to give your prospects any confidence in your products and services. Now let’s switch this scenario around: the website design isn’t that flash hot, BUT the content is exceptional. You will have a much higher conversion rate than the first example.

Here’s why; professional copywriting is more than just “writing the good stuff”. It’s about recognizing a company’s brand, and delivering that to two different audiences: your prospects, and search engines. Remember, good content “lures” search engines and, it will be your content that convinces your prospects that YOU are the best company for them.

Another reason for hiring a professional copywriter is TIME. Most of us just don’t have the time it takes to research, draft and complete content that’s going to WOW our audiences. That’s not to say that what we write ourselves is bad… but why have “good” when you can have “great”?

You’ve created a professional company, and you have professionals working for you. Maintain that professional image with a professional copywriter in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

This is a service Onsite Online has provided to many businesses with great success; speak with one of our friendly staff about updating your content today!

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