Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency or Consultancy?

Have you entrusted your business’s marketing to an online marketing agency, or an online marketing consultant? Its a really tricky question to answer as most online marketing agencies these day have people with the title “Consultant”. And then there is the question – does it make a difference?

Well, we do think it makes a difference. At Onsite Online Marketing, we are consultants. What this means is that we come into your business and represent your business in Online Marketing, as if we were an employee of yours, your Director of Online Marketing. We will create a customised strategy for you, if there are costs associated with the strategy we will work out a budget, then we will deploy the strategy and report back to you against KPIs.

So how does this differ to an Online Marketing Agency? Well an agency has a completely different model. They will have pre-set products with little or no flexibility. The reason they are inflexible is that they are bound by “margins”, the benefit of this is it also makes these products cheaper. However, they are also standardised so everyone gets the same. Its a production line approach. In an agency model, the “consultant” will come and speak to you to basically understand how he can forcefit these products into your business. IE. In his mind, the pre-set products are leading the strategy discussion, not your business needs. Once you sign your contract with an agency, your consultant will pass your account onto “Operations” who will deploy the process. The consultant actually is a sales person, not a consultant at all.

The reason we prefer the consultancy model is that we are talking marketing here. Do you really want a standardised, inflexible approach to defining your business against your competitors? Or do you want a customised approach where your core brand messages are the main focus of the strategy?

You can only get that customisation with a consultancy. By definition it is impossible in an agency.