Well-designed Digital Marketing Support

When you walk into a coffee shop, 9 times out of 10 you are looking for more than just a cup of coffee so you choose a coffee shop that also has an assortment of mouth-watering delights to offer. Think of your web hosting business in a similar vein. Offer your clients more than just what they think they want or need. Remind them that having a website hosted live is not enough. That website needs to be, firstly, well-designed with optimized content and, secondly, visible on search engines (through SEO and SEM). Why not extend your service offering and show your clients your web hosting business is really invested in providing a full range of relevant services that addresses every business website–related need.


Responsive web design and development

You must have heard the stories over and over again about clients who have entrusted the design of their websites to less than scrupulous web design companies, those who have burnt a hole in their pockets for expensive but poor quality designs, problems with unreliable CMS and websites with no ‘real’ showing on Google. In addition to offering a comforting arm around the shoulder, why not offer them an extended service offering that incorporates quality website design and development and reliable SEO techniques. With Onsite Online as your service provider you can upgrade your service offering and give your clients unbeatable value for money.

We have highly experienced website developers proficient in WordPress, Joomla and other popular Content Management Systems.

Drive website visibility with SEO and SEM

You may get a client who comes to you complaining that his website is nowhere to be found on Google. Let’s face it, being ranked on the 10th page is really no place for any self-respecting business to be. While this has nothing to do with the reliable hosting services you provide, by partnering with Onsite Online you can use our expertise in SEO and SEM to get your client’s website boosted through the search engine rankings.

We have an accredited team of SEO and SEM experts who are passionate about getting top rankings for your clients. From well-designed Google Adword and PPC campaigns to well-researched keyword use, our in-house team focuses on delivering results.

A support service that is second to none

We are particularly proud of our support service that can include assisting your sales and marketing efforts. For example, we are happy to meet with your clients on your behalf to explain how your new service offering will benefit their businesses.

Our clients have access to an intuitive operational portal that is designed to make the operations of your business and your clients’ more effective and efficient. We have operational team leaders and project management and Local Account managers on hand to provide you with any support you may need.

Even though ours is a collaborative service, use of our portal gives you complete control of your projects and those of your clients and with further benefits that include:

  • The latest in performance reporting and project management tools.
  • An online document sharing platform granting instant access to reports.
  • Access to audit reports on SEO and Adwords campaigns to improve sales.

Be the service provider by providing smart business solutions. This is simply a great way to offer more value and grow your hosting business. We offer a free consultation on how we can help you.