SEO Services – Real Value Add SEO

Are you looking for someone simply to look after your SEO marketing? As we are a business of quality digital marketing consultants, we only offer premium, value add SEO services of the highest quality to small to large businesses in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Tweed Heads, Ballina, Lismore, or anywhere in Australia.. We are quite different to most SEO companies, in that we do not sell you SEO Packages with fixed numbers of keywords. Rather, we want to see your business succeed with our consulting services. As this is our goal, we want your website on the top of page 1 of Google, for all the keywords that are important to your business.

So instead of offering you a fixed number of keywords and when we have optimised them, take the “foot off the pedal”, we will continue to find more SEO keywords that are important for your business, expand the list we are working on and in this way, continue to add value and build your business.

As an example of this, one of our clients is paying us a comparable amount to what other SEO companies would charge for a 15 keyword package. For this client, we are now tracking over 100 keywords that are important to his business, over 50 of which are on page 1 of Google and over 20 of which are in the TOP position. If this client went for a standard SEO package, they’d still only be focusing on 15 keywords.

Given we take this Consulting approach to SEO, we only offer 3 SEO packages. You can sign up to any of these packages below, by clicking through the subscription links. Once you have signed up, one of our digital marketing consultants will be in touch to discuss your campaign, within 1 business day.

Premium SEO Services

Our premium SEO Service will look after all the technical elements of your SEO campaign. This includes keyword research, website audits, on-page website upgrades, complete penalty analysis and monthly white hat off-page SEO work.

Content is an important element of SEO. This package does NOT include adding content to your website and assumes you will add a minimum of 1 article (page or blog post) every month. This is important to ensure a robust long term positive SEO result.

Price: $600/Month (GST Excl)

Premium SEO Services With Article Writing

Many business owners we work with simply do not have the time to provide the content for their website, that robust SEO requires. As such, we offer them this value add SEO Service, where we take care of the article writing for them, producing the necessary articles for their website that ensures long term SEO success.

This SEO service is exactly the same as the Premium SEO Service above, but with article writing included as a high value extra. We recognise that your website is your brand, your online “shopfront”. With this in mind, it is only our consultants who write the articles for your website. We do not send this task to any article writing service, it is your SEO consultant who does this work, forwarding to you for approval prior to publishing.

Price: $750/Month (GST Excl)

Your Total SEO Service

This package is designed for businesses who are:

  • In a very competitive industry
  • Are very aggressive in their marketing and want big results fast
  • May have multiple websites or niche businesses they want worked on concurrently

With this service, we assign a full time, fully trained, offshore SEO professional to act as an assistant to your local SEO Consultant. Your SEO consultant will manage the overall project, ensuring your brand is protected with robust quality processes, while driving the quantity of work required through the offshore assistant. This level of service has proven to get tremendous, safe SEO results and also is perfect for an indepth Reputation Management style of engagement.

Price: $1,300/Month (GST Excl)