Does your business need more leads and sales?

Do you understand that getting more leads and sales is slightly more complex than just spending money on SEO or Google AdWords?

There are many elements you need to consider when implementing online marketing for lead generation or online sales. (if you have e-Commerce) The real challenge you face is that neglecting any of these elements will impact your websites ability to convert visitors the way you need to. The benefit with engaging an Onsite Online Consultant to help your business with online lead or sales improvement, is we are not implementing a specific boxed service like SEO so we have the flexibility to work on all elements, ensure they combine harmoniously to generate the optimal level of conversions for your business.

Here are some of the items we would review and work on to help your business generate

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Website Engagement

We would analyse your website at the high level. Does it promote your brand effectively and professionally? Does it clearly explain what you do and what benefits your clients enjoy when they use your products and services? Does each element of your website have a purpose and is this purpose beneficial to your goal? There are tools which tell us all this and guide website changes to be most effective for your business goals.

Marketing Effectiveness

We would analyse the effectiveness of your marketing messages. Are you speaking in a language that elicits the response you expect from your clients? Can these messages be improved? Can we test improvements as we go to ensure all changes made, add value to your bottom line.

Producing content

All our consultants are highly effective communicators, both verbally and with the written word. As we are in your office, working for you, we can produce all the content required for your entire online marketing end to end program. Producing effective content is often the biggest stumbling block for SMB marketing as business owners are always too busy, and copywriting typically falls outside an efficient “agency” style of product.

Relevant Visitors

We have a range of strategies to get relevant visitors to your website, from Google and other sources. Our strategies are designed to get an increasing level of relevant prospect to your website, so they see and respond to your marketing messages in the manner you expect. These strategies are also designed to minimise risk. A major issue we see these days is business owners putting all their eggs in the one basket, for example putting all their budget into SEO. This creates a large business risk for times like Google algorithm changes.

Test, Measure, Refine

As we are working for you onsite, we have the ability to test and measure all elements of your lead generation campaign and ensure they work harmoniously together, generating the optimal level of leads for your business.