Do you have an effective CRM that you use regularly?

Winning new clients is expensive. The simple fact is that marketing to an existing client who already trusts you, adding more value to the service you supply them, is a much cheaper than working hard to win your next client. Combine the two strategies though and all of a sudden you have a very strong marketing process.

Business is about solving the challenges and problems our clients have. There are always more ways we can help our existing clients, if only we could effectively track and market to them. Any business that has an effective and up to date Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is well placed to do this. The unfortunate fact is that most SMB owners neither have the time or inclination to effectively build, maintain and use a CRM.

Digital Marketing Services

This is something we can do for you. We can create a system for you, populate it with your existing client data, maintain that data and use it to add revenue to your bottom line. This process also places your business as the “problem solver” for your clients, increasing trust and improving your relationship with them, over their lifetime of engagement with you.

Having built your database, there are many strategies we can implement to communicate and add value. A non-exhaustive list of these strategies include:

  • Creating innovative “upsell” and “cross sell” campaigns for your clients
  • Email marketing communications
  • Loyalty program creation and management
  • Creating and managing events like in-store sales, seminars, workshops and VIP events

If you think you have more value to add your clients and by adding this value, you can improve your bottom line, now is a good time to get in touch with us.