Marketing Risk

Risks with Using SEO as Your Sole Marketing Strategy

Most business and website owners who have a sound understanding of SEO will know that using it as your only marketing strategy is just plain risky. As search engines are not paid for search traffic, they can (and do) change their algorithms, without warning or explanation. These changes impact on website placements in search results and can sometimes result in a heavy loss of online traffic, damaging your business’s ability to generate leads. A change in the search engines algorithms means there’s no guarantee of continued referral – and you won’t even know it’s happened!

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Search Engine Marketing

SEO – The Foundation For Your Marketing

Like with many aspects of life and business, having solid foundations to build upon is imperative. It’s no different when thinking of marketing your business and services.

Most business owners these days recognize the value of having their website highly ranked and visible in search engine results and have employed SEO experts to help them with this part of their marketing. Any SEO expert will tell you that using SEO is the most important thing you can do. We are a little different to the usual SEO experts though, we should never be used as your sole marketing technique, rather as a solid foundation for expanding your online footprint.

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