Copywriting Gold Coast

Professional Copywriting Only On Your Website

You may be wondering what the big fuss about “professional copywriting” is all about. Let’s compare copywriting with web design; you wouldn’t want a “tacky” website design would you? How your website looks is crucial to its success; the same goes for the content you provide. In my opinion, content is just as (if not more) important than your website’s design.

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Google Adwords Marekting

Start Your Own Google AdWords Account

So you’re wondering whether you should start your own Google AdWords account, or pay someone to manage this for you…

For starters, to analyse and review every potential facet of your account requires experience! Using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but in order to do this properly and effectively takes technical know-how. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that starting and running their own campaign could costs a whole lot more than hiring an expert to do this. The main reason this misconception exists is that Google’s tools to manage a campaign are free – so they think it should be easy?

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Gold Coast Marketing

Gold Coast Marketing – Networking

Gold Coast

Are you just starting out in the world of business? Or perhaps you want to expand your existing client base? A great way to do this is to get involved in the community and meet with like-minded people, by taking advantage of the many networking opportunities available here on the Gold Coast! 2015 is set to be a stomper year for fabulous networking events, and finding these events is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Marketing Risk

Risks with Using SEO as Your Sole Marketing Strategy

Most business and website owners who have a sound understanding of SEO will know that using it as your only marketing strategy is just plain risky. As search engines are not paid for search traffic, they can (and do) change their algorithms, without warning or explanation. These changes impact on website placements in search results and can sometimes result in a heavy loss of online traffic, damaging your business’s ability to generate leads. A change in the search engines algorithms means there’s no guarantee of continued referral – and you won’t even know it’s happened!

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Search Engine Marketing

SEO – The Foundation For Your Marketing

Like with many aspects of life and business, having solid foundations to build upon is imperative. It’s no different when thinking of marketing your business and services.

Most business owners these days recognize the value of having their website highly ranked and visible in search engine results and have employed SEO experts to help them with this part of their marketing. Any SEO expert will tell you that using SEO is the most important thing you can do. We are a little different to the usual SEO experts though, we should never be used as your sole marketing technique, rather as a solid foundation for expanding your online footprint.

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SEO Consulting

SEO – A Product or a Service?

SEO – A Product or a Service?

One of the lead generation services we offer at Onsite Online Marketing is SEO. The point with SEO is that we endeavour to list your website on the first page of Google, when people who do NOT know you, are looking for your products and services. This is done with a combination of content management and other authority building initiatives. Note: SEO listings are not paid Google AdWords listings, rather the organic listings in Google’s main search area. The benefit to your business of a strong SEO campaign is that if you have strong organic Google listings, you can achieve high levels of targeted visitors to your website without paying Google for that traffic.

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Professional Service Marketing

Professional Services Marketing

Without professional marketing services  for your business, it is possible the driving force behind your business’s growth and sustainability, client acquisition, will stall (or possibly already has).

Marketing is a crucial element of a business’s strategy. Its the strategy of winning new clients. The process is designed to put your name in front of people looking for your products and services, when they need them AND in a way that these people want to buy from you.
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